where your treasure is, your heart will be also (ourdaydreams) wrote,
where your treasure is, your heart will be also

00. friends only.

bones: booth/brennan, hodgins/angela
buffy the vampire slayer: spike/buffy, oz/willow
covert affairs: annie/auggie
friday night lights: tim/lyla, julie/matt
ghost whisperer: melinda/jim
glee: jesse/rachel, britney/santana
gossip girl: chuck/blair
grey's anatomy: meredith/derek, lexie/mark
how i met your mother: barney/robin, lily/marshall
life unexpected: cate/baze
lost: juliet/sawyer, jack/kate
the oc: seth/summer
one tree hill: brooke/lucas, haley/nathan
pretty little liars: hanna/lucas
roswell: max/liz, michael/maria
smallville: clark/lois, oliver/chloe
true blood: hoyt/jessica, sookie/eric
the vampire diaries: damon/elena, matt/caroline
veronica mars: veronica/logan

girls: vanessa hudgens, kristin bell, nina dobrev,
sophia bush, taylor swift, miley cyrus, selena gomez,
emma watson, blake lively, rachel bilson
guys: ian somerhalder, ryan reynolds, alexander skarsgard,
jon groff, adam brody, tom welling, neil patrick harris,
patrick dempsey
Tags: !friends locked
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are you on aim?
added you ;)
added you back, bb.
barney/robin, blair/chuck, derek/meredith, finn/quinn, glee, gossip girl, greys anatomy, marshall/lily, puck/rachel, seth/summer, sophia bush, sue sylvester, taylor swift, the o.c, will/emma.

same interests <3
sue sylvester is the best, haha
add me?
definetelyy bb.
adding you now :)


7 years ago

added you people
added me too? thanks :)
Abby, 16
Can i post graphics at your tvd graphics commuity? thanks!
hey, i'm sorry, but i really don't have the power to let anyone new post at the community.
if you want you can go ask freakbeatphntom because she was the original maker of the community.

Re: Adding


6 years ago

well, i found you on tumblr & here and i kinda think we have a lot of things in common, such as : tvd obsession, true blood, puck/rachel, nina dobrev, supernatural (the winchesters), taylor swift, glee, gossip girl, ian somerhalder <33, will/emma and maybe more. So, add me? :D
sure, bb, adding you now :D
please add me :)
I added you ;)
i love vampire diaries (L)
hi bb! its lyford on a new account, please add me back?
sure, adding you now!
supernatural/gossip girl/selena gomez/emma watson/vanessa hudgens and barney/robin :D
whoaah :D i love them too :D
i added you:)
adding you back :)

Deleted comment

sure, adding you now! :)
i like almost everything like you, bones, glee, gg, grey's anatomy, the oc, smallville, pll <3, spn, taylor swift, miley, selena, emma w, and some of the couples :D Add me? <33
adding you now!
Hey! I noticed your Hanna icon at thecw_land and you seem cool! Friends?
sure bb, adding you noww!

Deleted comment

sure, adding you now
hi! we have zanessa, selena gomez, damon/elena, tswift, bones, the oc, and supernatural in common :) add? =}
sure, going to add you now :)

Deleted comment

what song?
i added you.. soooo.. can you add me? XDD

Deleted comment

yesss, sure! i'll add you rn :)
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